Installation with bamboo: photo and video

One of the enormous pleasures of being on Herron Island is creating art outside. Last year I had to clear a lot of bamboo around the power company’s service to my property, and that generated a huge pile that I didn’t know what to do with.

Until about a month ago, when it occurred to me that I could arrange them in a  grid on the lawn just at the edge of the woods. Seven rows and seven columns, each about two feet apart. The tallest bamboo in the center is just over six feet.

Photo: (video link below)

bamboo installation

And on a windy day last week I shot a short video of the bamboo dancing in the wind. You can watch it on Vimeo here. Make sure HD is on, otherwise the image can be pretty blurry. (Click on HD at the bottom right of the Vimeo video screen).

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Orcas in Case Inlet (Washington)

A friend and I went out on our kayaks this morning, north from Herron Island to Stretch Island across Case Inlet (Washington), about four miles. On the way back we were treated to a pod of about eight orcas, spouting, breaching, and playing in the open water between us and the mainland.

Here are a couple of shots, with the faint silhouette of Mt Rainier in the center background. orcas and Rainier orcas and Rainier

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Container architecture

In Seattle’s industrial heart on the Duwamish River.

container architecture

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Bald Eagles, Seabeck, Washington

From a day trip to Big Beef Harbor in Seabeck (Washington) (map). At low tide you can see dozens of Bald Eagles, and quite a few Great Blue Herons and the inevitable Canada Geese.

two eagles

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Postcards from the kayak

A couple of days ago I went out on the kayak around sunset. I paddled around the north end of Herron Island, then crossed the Case Inlet and headed southwest to McMicken Island (map). Kind of choppy water: winds around 7mph from the southwest – oops!, but tide was going out in my direction, so that helped.

On the way back the tide had started coming in (yes, the timing was planned!), and by this time the wind was on my back. Sweet.

Total distance: a little over 4 nautical miles. And I lingered a bit to watch the sun come down.

Here are a couple of photos.

Land! McMicken Island is the small lump with the beach a little to the left of center; Harstine Island is in the background.

land! (McMicken Island)

Sunset from the kayak.

kayak sunset

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Postcards from the Key Peninsula (Washington)

I went on an early morning kayak ride along the Key Peninsula across from Herron Island, where I live (most of the time). It was a foggy morning and some of the spots on the peninsula were downright magical.

The boats are in Dutcher Cove (map), and have been there since the ’40s or ’50s. The totem pole is on what is known as the Haley Property, a bit south of Dutcher Cove, which belonged to Washington State Senator Ted Haley (served in the ’70s/’80s). Ted Haley donated the land to the state with the stipulation that it be used for recreation and conservation. The totem pole was commissioned by Ted Haley (in the ’60s?) in memory of his wife who had died very young; it was created by a member of a tribe in British Columbia (we’re not sure of the name of the tribe).

old boats in Dutcher Cove Totem pole at Haleys Lagoon

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Postcard from Seattle

The view from a golf course up on a hill in Newcastle, a suburb to the southeast of Seattle. No, I don’t play golf; I just stopped there during a bike ride today.

Looking to the northwest across Lake Washington, with a peekaboo view of Seattle’s skyline over on the left.

Postcard from Seattle


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