Postcard from Seattle

The view from a golf course up on a¬†hill in Newcastle, a suburb to the southeast of Seattle. No, I don’t play golf; I just stopped there during a bike ride today.

Looking to the northwest across Lake Washington, with a peekaboo view of Seattle’s skyline over on the left.

Postcard from Seattle


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Clip art

This is a good example of the power of art to transform. This random arrangement of a paper clip resting on a small pebble looked uninteresting and ordinary; part of the detritus all around us. But then it became the centerpiece of the photograph, and it suddenly acquired some sort of tongue-in-cheek visual gravitas.

clip art

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X marks the spot

Around sunset, April 15, 2015. Herron Island, Washington.

x marks the spot

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Yet another beautiful sunset

Herron Island (Washington) sunset, a couple of days ago.

I try to get down to the beach at least four or five times a week to take in the evening stillness and beauty. I don’t have a view from my house, but the beach is a ten-minute walk away; I almost always have the place to myself.

South Beach (Herron Island) sunset, April 14 2015

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beach walker

More Herron Island magic!

beach walker

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high rise

Two views.

On the beach at Herron Island, Washington.


highrise 2

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Postcard from Yucca Valley: sunset

postcard from Yucca Valley

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